Post E3 haze

06/24/2010 at 12:16 AM

Like Ben said E3 was awesome.  Love hooking up with all my old friends, many of whom I only see over E3 week every year!  We didn’t have the game on display but were able to show it to some press, and lots of publishers, it went great!  Now the biz really starts up, we have meetings with a bunch of publishers over the next few weeks and we’re all looking forward to seeing who we’ll be partnering up with for SOTS!  Too many meetings to prep for this week leaving the web page a little lonely but we have some great pictures of E3 week we’ll be sharing soon. Here’s one of our favorites!!

1up Nominee for Strategy Game of the Show!


    Hi Jake,

    Are you looking for a console publisher for this game? If so, feel free to contact me. This would be a good fit for Atlus.

    Bill Alexander
    Director of Production


    I think that they’re looking to publish the game for both XBLA and PC but would also like to hit up PSN and DS if they can.

    They probably already responded to you just not on here though, haha.