Spring Has Sprung!

Borut Pfeifer
09/02/2010 at 10:27 PM

It’s PAX-time, and spring is right around the corner… No wait, that’s not right. Actually, it’s your first look at our new environment type – spring!

The world of Skulls of the Shogun takes you through 5 mystical lands, each of which are based on one of the seasons. No, we’re not bad at math! Most of them are based on the seasons – the 5th land we’re going to leave as a surprise for now.

This gallery also takes a closer look at the Fox Monk, the animal spirit you first meet in this environment. (My favorite shot is the green Fox Monk telling you where he puts all those tasty skulls!)

If you’re at PAX swing by booth TCC6 and say hi to Jake! (And yes, there will be t-shirts).


    wow looks great! the characters look good but is the background done it looks a bit blurry :P


      Haha, that’s what we get when a programmer (me ) takes the screenshots. :) I just have them zoomed all the way in, during gameplay you rarely see that. But yes, they’re definitely still in progress.