Life in the Fast Lane – Shogun Style

10/19/2010 at 4:26 AM

In news from the Eastern Front, Jake has recently returned from his month-long trip to Japan. Having spent many years working for Sega in Tokyo, he has an army of friends – industry and non-industry alike – in and around the city. Tokyo is where Jake met his lovely wife and mother of his similarly adventurous toddler son. Jake visits Japan every year, and although normally he would spend all his time with important partying, this trip was spent mostly busting his butt wrangling biz-dev with his biz-dev hat on. Even so a lot of time was spent sharing SotS with old-skool gamers and discussing a Japanese version.

There is a great interview of Jake by Michael McWhertor of, who also tweeted that SotS was one of his two most anticipated titles at the Tokyo Game Show. This is particularly notable as SotS was not showing at TGS. Is that some commando work or what?

Jake also had the great fortune of playing the game at an old friend’s game-tuning/testing company. They were sufficiently impressed and now we might have a great resource for game-tuning/testing. Coincidentally we got a glowing press interview out of the episode. I don’t read Japanese so I’m just calling it glowing and hoping that you’ll take my word for it.

As a featured speaker at Pecha Kucha Night #76 in Tokyo (September 29), Jake shared his experience in indie game development and a brief history of SotS. It was short notice and I was scrambling to help him gather materials from 6,000 miles away, but I think it went off pretty well. Hopefully we can post some media from that soon.

Some of you may have noticed on an 8-4 Play podcast when Jake inadvertently let slip that EA’s Spielberg project codenamed LMNO has been cancelled, unleashing the Hollywood press upon information that the rest of the universe has been privy to for years. I believe they prefer the term “canned”. Live and learn, Jake. Live and learn.

Maybe the most exciting result of Jake’s Eastern Expeditionary Mission is a possible Japanese publishing partner. In this kind of business allies are one of your strongest assets, and Jake has plenty of those. THIS IS CURRENTLY SECRET i mean this is currently secret, but it might be announced soon. stay tuned.

On the Western Front, Borut has returned from Eurogamer Expo 2010 – yeah, only the biggest video game trade show in the UK – where he single-handedly guided hundreds and possibly thousands of wide-eyed Europeans through the action-strategy world that is SotS. Skulls of the Shogun received an honorable mention at the Indie Games Arcade, no less. Yay Borut! I’m glad we had more t-shirts made. What fool goes to a trade show without their logo all over their photogenic side? Nobody I know, that’s who.

On the Homefront, Ben took a little time to invest in his infrastructure – the 4 walls and a roof variety.  This provided an excellent foundation to make solid progress on the single player campaign and put a little spit polish on the IGF build.  Those monumental tasks are already beginning to recede into distant memory, and so Ben is now claiming that he’ll have a little time for Real Life.  What that is, no one can be sure.

Now that Japan and the UK have been properly subdued, we’ve started battle plans for the March 11-13 PAX East 2011 in Boston. We will be sharing a booth with another ossum indie developer also local here in the Seattle, who just got signed by the way (congratulations, other ossum indie developer also here in the Seattle area!). This is particularly exciting because there is no “secret level” at the Boston convention center so you’ll find us hanging right out there with the big kids. Also, having some other indie pals down there in the expo trench with us will be cool.

This weekend was crunch time to get our submission in for the 13th Annual Independent Games Festival (February 28-March 4 in SF). It had a rough start but eventually everything smoothed out and the submission is in. There’s still a lot of work to do between now and February, but the gear is packed and the the horses are fed. Then it’s onward to PAX East!


    Sounds like you guys have been busy! I’m happy the game is getting the recognition it deserves!!