Sakura-Con 2011 (total success)

05/04/2011 at 4:05 AM

#1 fans!

#1 fans!

Last month at Seattle’s anime-fan-oriented Sakura-Con we showed the game to over 19,000 attendees – many of whom actually saw us :) – and had a pretty groovy time. There was all kindsa cool stuff, including toys, clothes, posters, art, and gosh I don’t know what else. I stuck to the booth so as not to empty my already thin wallet into the first sword booth I cam across. Jake was not so lucky. Josh, Kevin, and Callen lent a hand or two and everything went smooth as could be. We are starting to notice fans who recognize us from the Interwebs, and even from a PAX or two. We even got a video interview with FUNimation. Woo! This is a positive sign that our shoestring commando marketing strategy is working. Cross fingers.

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And stay tuned for PAX Prime 2011, August 26 – 28! Mark your calendars. I assure you it will be sunny in Seattle that weekend. Promise. Pinky swear.