The Shogun claims victory over E3!

Borut Pfeifer
06/14/2011 at 6:09 PM

Whew. About three, four, weeks ago, after thinking we had missed our opportunity to get into a potential publisher’s booth at E3, the kind and good-hearted folks that run IndieCade selected us for their showcase at E3.

IndieCade is a fantastic game festival here in LA in the fall. It’s kinda like the Sundance of videogames, but it’s a lot more. Shortly after Jake & I first started the game I went to my first IndieCade – talking to all the other game creators inspired by working on their own projects cemented that I would stay as an independent game maker as long as I possibly could.

So Jake, our producer Grampa, and our new intern for the summer, Griffin (or as Dren handily nicknamed him, the Griffintern), schlepped down from Seattle and we had a whirlwind 3 days (more like 6). Combined with other great company in the IndieCade booth, like Hohokum, QUBE, Flywrench, and Desktop Dungeons, it was a blast.

We managed to rack of 5 best of show awards, and 2 nominations:

  • Gamepro – Best Strategy Game
  • 1Up – Best Strategy Game
  • Electric Playground – Best of E3
  • Destructoid – two awards that were unlabeled. Before they write it up, let me go out on a limb and say best strategy game is one of them.
  • Nomination from – Best Strategy Game
  • Nomindation from – Best Indie Game

We knew people liked the game, but we were a little flabbergasted by all the love. Not to mention the winners for the two nominations haven’t been announced, so we could get the total count up to 7!

We also got a bunch of press coverage/previews:

We also took a bunch of video footage that’ll be put together for an E3 video diary, so look for that in the near future (as well as more detailed info on our launch). A ton of cool folks stopped by, including John from Wolfire/The Humble Indie Bundle, and here’s some folks you might recognize checking out the game:

This guy above you might not recognize without his signature hat.

He’s blurry, but that’s Miyamoto, who specifically stopped by before the show opened on the last day to check us out!

See you soon, if all goes well, with more exciting news! In the meantime, check out some new gameplay footage!