The Summer Update

Ben Vance
08/23/2011 at 12:31 AM

Dear Internet,

How have you been?  Had a good summer?  The Skulls of the Shogun family has been very busy and hasn’t had much time to write!  Sorry about that!  You know how it is trying to make a great game… sometimes you have to make a few sacrifices!

But what a summer, eh?  Our pals at Supergiant Games released Bastion, which you should go play right now if you haven’t.  We managed to spend some time with it despite our dedication to the Shogun, and we can honestly say it is a triumph.  Spend your time and money on it!

Not only that, but Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was released by our friends at Shadow Planet Productions!  The game is simply gorgeous.  And it regularly rewards with new weapons, tools, creatures and environments.  Another amazing game worth your time!  I’m tempted to stop writing and go play… but where was I?

Oh yes, so you might be wondering “what’s been going on at the Haunted Temple?”  Well, all kinds of stuff!

  • Borut has been working on finishing off remaining big-ticket features.  We can’t say much, but they are coming along swimmingly!
  • Jake’s been finishing up our last environment art and completing the last character.  His goal for when you see his latest work, dear internet, is that you soil yourself.  You’ve been warned!
  • Ben has been optimizing and then optimizing more… you probably won’t soil yourself, but if you do, that’s ok.
  • Paul is prepping for PAX (say that 3 times fast)

Last week Skulls of the Shogun was on the show floor at Gamescom as part of Microsoft’s booth!  We did’t get to have a European summer vacation, unfortunately, so none of us where there.  But we do have proof that it happened:

We recently bid adeiu to our summer UI intern Griff!  It was a bittersweet parting, but we are comforted in the knowledge that he will be joining us at PAX!  And we can once again bathe in his youthful glow.

Speaking of PAX, are you gonna be there?!  If so, you should totally come say hi to us at our booth, #6401!  It would be awesome to finally meet you in person!  We feel it is long overdue.  You can play our game and also check out Kairo by Richard Perrin, who we’re sharing our booth with.  Come check out our swag and chat with any of us because we’ll ALL be there!  The Shogun represents!

Mega <3 <3 <3
The Skulls of the Shogun Family