E3 Roundup!

Borut Pfeifer
06/09/2012 at 6:38 PM

Jake, Ben, & I had a pretty full week at E3, manning our station in the Microsoft booth.

We got two nominations from Destructoid, which was awesome. One was for Best of Xbox 360 (along with some small games you might have heard of called Halo and Gears of War), and the second was for Best Indie Game. Coincidentally, our two neighbors at the booth, Klei Entertainment’s Mark of the Ninja, and Hello Game’s Joe Danger: The Movie got nominated for the same awards! Even admist all the huge AAA games, it kinda felt like we were sitting at the cool kids table, which was nice.

We got some great coverage as well, with new stuff for you.

Windows Phone Central shows some of the first footage of our phone version. It’s pretty much the same game, believe it or not! The source art is smaller because the screen is smaller, and there’s a few other minor graphical tweaks for perfomance, but it is pretty close as you can see:

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Windows Phone Central also dug deeper an interview with Ben and I, including some more gameplay footage.

Gus Mastrapa interviewed Jake & I for the great new site The Gameological Society about going from the industry into indie games, and kinda of the indie explosion that happened because of EA Los Angeles’s layoffs & other problems.

Lastly, here’s some new gameplay footage from the winter season we haven’t shown before, courtesy of GameTrailers:

Last but certainly not least, thanks to Microsoft for having us in the booth (and for the really plush carpet that definitely helped keep us standing), as well as Polygon for having us at their party last Sunday!