Billy Berghammer Joins 17-BIT!

Billy Berghammer
10/22/2012 at 10:19 PM

Hello all! My name is Billy Berghammer, and while you may know me from my previous exploits in the gaming media at such outlets as Planet GameCube, Game Informer, G4, EGM and other outlets and podcasts, I have been brought in by the fine folks at 17-BIT to help launch Skulls of the Shogun!

We know you all have been waiting patiently for the release of Skulls of the Shogun, and I promise you we’ll have details shortly on when you’ll be able to get your hands on the final product. Keep your eyes on this website, as well as follow us on Twitter (@17_BIT), and the game’s official Facebook page (

In the coming weeks, this website will be going through some changes as we prep for launch. We’ve got a lot of exciting things to share from now until then, so stay tuned!


    Awesome guys, can’t wait to see it!


    I have been waiting for this game since one of your guys demo’d it a little at PAX Prime 2010 for me and my friends. I NEED THIS GAME. Can’t wait for a release date!