The Official Skulls of the Shogun Soundtrack is Now Available!

Billy Berghammer
02/19/2013 at 1:39 PM

Attention all skull eaters! We’ve gotten tons of requests to make the soundtrack to Skulls of the Shogun available to the public, and today we’re pleased to announce it’s now available to download digitally from a number of different online stores! Written & produced by Makyo and Sam Bird, the soundtrack is sure to rock your skull!


The Skulls of the Shogun Soundtrack can be downloaded via Bandcamp ( for $7.00, on iTunes ( for $6.93, or Amazon ( for $6.23.

Here’s the full press release:




The soundtrack to Skulls of the Shogun is available for digital download

SEATTLE, WA (February 19, 2013) – Indie developer 17-BIT today announced that the soundtrack to Skulls of the Shogun is now available for digital download!

A global collaboration between Makyo and Sam Bird, the Official Skulls of the Shogun Soundtrack features an original score inspired by classic samurai films and dub.

“I usually work with Indian and middle-eastern instruments in Makyo, so this was a nice chance to explore Japanese instrumentation for a change,” Explained Makyo. “Each season needed to have a different feel, so I made a point of using different instrumentation for every track, including shamisen, shakuhachi, and sanshin.”

“Between the zombie samurai and the request for music blending an old Kurosawa film with Dub, I pretty much had no choice but to jump aboard,” added Sam Bird.

The Skulls of the Shogun Soundtrack can be downloaded via Bandcamp ( for $7.00, on iTunes ( for $6.93, or Amazon ( for $6.23.


Makyo is a Tokyo-based producer & DJ who has been creating exotic Eastern electronica since 1994, with releases on Dakini Records, Six Degrees, Ministry of Sound, and many more. As a remixer, Makyo has worked with artists like Cheb-i-Sabbah, Natacha Atlas, and Bill Laswell, while Makyo tracks have also featured on mix CDs by Alex Patterson (The Orb) and Mixmaster Morris. As an early pioneer of the Asian-electronic sound, Makyo developed his sound contemporaneously with producers like Talvin Singh and Karsh Kale, and has been pumping it since. Makyo’s sixth album “Purnima” was released in 2012, and his new 5-piece live-band has begun touring globally. For more information visit or


Sam Bird did sound design for 8 years at Electronic Arts after studying film scoring at Berklee College of Music, and is currently hibernating in a cabin on the top of a mountain focusing on music for upcoming projects Born That Guy, Minim, The Tourist Song and Stars without Graffiti.  His last band was an indie band called The Outdoors from Echo Park, California. For more information about Sam Bird, visit


Skulls of the Shogun is an invigorating cocktail of 1960’s-flavored sorcery and strategy. Washed up on the shores of the Afterlife, players meet and join forces with vibrant ghost-samurai warriors, magical animal-monks, and mustachioed samurai generals on the way to capture the Skulls of the Shogun in a 15-hour single-player campaign. Skulls of the Shogun also features up to four-player local and online multiplayer battles.