The Skulls of the Shogun Forums Are Now Open!

Billy Berghammer
02/07/2013 at 4:35 PM

Alright all you skull eaters, the beta version of the Skulls of the Shogun forums are now open! Click here to begin your journey into the forums afterlife! Want to talk Skulls? Want to find multiplayer matches? Have questions about how to beat a specific single player level? This is your new home.

We’d like to keep this new home of Skulls discussion clean, so please read the FORUM RULES before posting, because forum moderators are standing by wielding the almighty banhammer in case things get unruly. We have been trained in the fine arts of forum moderating by General Akamoto himself, so be warned.

These are our Beta forums, so things may be changing around, categories may be locked now, certain functionality may act wonky, etc. And yes, we know they’re purple. We’re working on all of these things. Please pardon our dust while we finish construction.

That all being said, have fun. We’ll see you in there!


    This is a great game indeed. I see its wp version supports Chinese, but it is unavailable in Chinese Market at present. It’s rediculous!!! Please release it on wp Chinese Market ASAP. We Chinese windows phone users want to buy it but can find no where to download. Don’t tell me to download it on the US market. Most Chinese people do not use paypal and wouldn’t get out of their way to convert US dollar for it. We Chinese only want to purchase it with RMB. Thanks!


    It was a last minute localization issue. We hope to have it resolved for the title update.