Raptr Q&A With 17-BIT 3/12!

Billy Berghammer
03/07/2013 at 3:12 PM

So you’ve been playing the heck out of Skulls of the Shogun, have you? And you have a few questions that have been bouncing around that skull of yours (see what I did there?!) that you’d like to ask the team? Well guess what, your time is now!


On Tuesday, March 12 from 10am-6pm PST you can ask Jake, Borut and Ben anything and everything about Skulls of the Shogun. Not only that, but the best questions from the community can win signed SOTS posters and t-shirts! You can actually start asking questions NOW and the guys will start hitting them Tuesday!

CLICK HERE to head on over to where the Raptr Q&A is taking place.


    I already got my questions answered by Borut at the AIGameDev live stream. I’d LOVE to have the SOTS posters and t-shirts, though! :D In love with the game! Been recommending it to everybody. Hats off!